Breast cancer, a modern disease?

A skeleton of 4.200 years old with breast cancer has been discovered.

Due to the high number of breast cancer cases that we hear about or have around us, we belive that this pathology formerly didn’t exist and is only linked to lifestyle and increased longevity of our times. Despite what we may think, Spanish archeologists have discovered the skeleton of an Egyptian adult woman 4.200 years old, and they say, that sesuffered from breast cancer. This discovery would be the oldest vestige of this illness known until today.

This discovery, together with other evidence found in 2014  by British researchers about a  3.000 years old esqueleton with cancer metastasis located in a tomb in the current Sudan, suggests that the illness was alredy existing  in the Nile Valley in ancient times.

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(Video source: News 7 Tamil)

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