Breast cancer prevention, in your hands and your smartphone

Nowadays there are available many APPs with different features and purposes regarding to breast self-examination.

The Sensifemme APP, is ready to be used by all those women that carry out a breast self-examination monthly to prevent breast cancer using Sensifemme glove.

In the APP you can find detailed information about the breast self-examination glove called Sensifemme. It is a tool designed to increase the touch sensitivity of the fingers. It provides a smooth and without frictions movement while women perform the palpation.

In the Sensifemem APP you can find information about its great utility and easy functioning. There is as well detailed information about how you should perform a good breast self-examination.

All the information is available to be consulted at all times.

Sensifemme APP

Starting screen of Sensifemme APP

Sensifemme APP

Dropdown menu of Sensifemme app

The APP has a section in which you can find all the steps to palpate your breasts. First observing the form, size and texture in front of a mirror and then doing a palpation of the breasts and armpits.

Sensifemme APP

Through this APP you will be able to monitor the results of the breast self-examinations saving them in a section with this purpose, in which you can mark any or none anomaly found during palpation. Moreover you will control when to perform the next self-examination through the calendar reminders that show in which day of the next month you should perform it.

Sensifemme APP calendar

You can enter a monthly reminder in the calendar

Sensifemme APP

You can mark easier any anomaly for follow-up it and can consulting with a specialist

The APP is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic for Android mobile phones and iOS.

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