KAVISHA PHARMA dedicates itself to the manufacture and commercialization of medical devices oriented with the pharmaceutical, health and fertility sector. It is a new enterprising company which uses quality as a tool to consolidate its position in the national and international market.

The Management of KAVISHA PHARMA shows its commitment to Quality through its Quality Policy and is committed to its dissemination throughout all levels of the company, and to provide the necessary resources for full compliance.

KAVISHA PHARMA distinguishes itself from its competition thanks to the quality of its products, engaging in offering the maximum quality and safety of our products, ensuring in for it compliance with the applicable regulations.

KAVISHA PHARMA promises to carry out the customer’s requirements. Including the maintenance and continuous improvement of the efficiency of the Quality Management System by carrying out the following Quality Objectives:

  • Supporting the Quality Management System based on the standard UNE-EN ISO 13485:2012 whose basic elements are described in the Quality Manual and Procedures.
  • Supplying the necessary human resources and technicians to ensure the quality of both the product and the services provided.
  • Create a favourable climate to motivate personnel in relation to the quality and the way of working as a team. This allows a professional and personal development of all the members of the company thereby attaining the desired quality.
  • Developing the skills of our personnel by delegating responsibility and selfcontrol of their own activities.
  • Detect and analysis the markets to guarantee that the products and services offered satisfy the expectations of our clients and comply with the requirements.
  • Prevent non-conformities by anticipating them and always giving a rapid solution thereby avoiding any damage to the customer.
  • Improve continuously looking for efficiency and effectiveness of the processes
  • Adoption of all means necessary to guarantee the carrying out of all regulations both for the customer’s needs and that of the company.
  • Comply with the laws, regulations and norms of the countries in which our products are commercialized.


For this reason, Management ensures that ALL DEPARTMENTS in the organization contribute, in their corresponding measure, to compliance with the established Quality Policy, giving the Head of the Quality Department full authority to manage the Quality System, with support from annually established objectives.

In Onil, July, 7th of 2016.

Juan Ramón García Bernabeu. C.E.O of KAVISHA PHARMA