Sensifemme get into the mud!

We are the Sensifemme team!

As every year, the day against breast cancer is celebrated on 19 October as a reminder of society engagement in the fight against the breast cancer. During September and especially October, there are some public and private organizations that carry out prevention campaigns, like a chats, popular solidarity races in order to raise funds for research as well as to awareness people of the existence of this illness.

The popular races commemorating this day are a good and healthy initiative to do exercising with the added motivation of giving support to all people who have overcome cancer and also to give courage to those who are in it. In addition it is an example of overcoming and effort when the runners are the ones who have got over it.

When we knew in Kavisha Pharma that the Muddy Angel Run will be celebrated, an obstacles race only for woman in the mud, we didn’t think about it twice. We think that working with Sensifemme glove we must get involved and give support in initiatives like this one. Because our main mission is about awareness on the importance of breast cancer prevention. It doesn’t cost too much and can prevent lot for us. Once the inscription was done, we designed  t-shirts of #SensifemmeTeam and we just have to get fit in order to give one’s all on the 9th in Madrid!

foto camisetas equipo sensifemme

Be alert, we will show you our progress!

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